IB Art Summer Course

 IB Art Summer Course 


Ideal for students about to start the IB Diploma or those who have completed one year of IB Art, and who have a passion for art and interested in making art in a new, exciting context – the perfect opportunity for young artists to develop their potential.

Students can attend either a 1 or 2 week course during which they will explore ideas using a range a different materials and art making forms. Students gain new skills and knowledge in workshops with professional artists, mentored and guided by an experienced IB teacher, author of the new course book Visual Arts for the IB Diploma. The art making experiences are discussed, reflected upon and documented each day in their Process Portfolios. Those who stay for week 2 pursue a personal project and curate a final exhibition. The course aims to help students discover their own individual artistic direction whilst preparing them to meet the requirements of the IB Art Course.

Full creative days : morning sessions in the art studio may include drawing, painting, fresco, sgraffito, printmaking, weaving, photography, mixed media and assemblage sculpture, and creating site specific work in response to the environment. Afternoon ” classes” include presentations on IB Art practice, Journal and PP reflections, and one on one mentoring.

Artists – students will learn about different approaches to art making through direct engagement with visiting artists and master classes in different techniques.

IB prep – Students will develop their process portfolios, learn skills for the Comparative Study, receive individual guidance, and experience curating and presenting their work.

Field trips and site visits that will follow the thematic thread of the course, and will feed specifically into the students’ studio time, allowing them to reflect and channel their inspiration into their work.

Fun activities including inspiration evenings, homemade pizza, gelato, and a festa finale!



Dates in 2019

One week June 23 – June 28, or June 29- July 5

Two weeks June 23 – July 5

In collaboration with Oxford Study Courses  visit the OSC website for further info, fees and applying

You can also go to La Vigna Art Studios facebook page and Instagram to see more photos, or watch a short video of the (first) summer course back in 2015 here